Rezidence Bohdalecké Výhledy - Prague 10

Rezidence Bohdalecké Výhledy - Prague 10
Number of available apartments: 10

Description of the project

We would like to bring to your attention residence building Bohdalecké Výhledy.
The project presents apartments with different layouts from 1 + room to 4 + room.

The project is a modern, cozy complex in an area with a well-developed infrastructure-Prague 10-Michle. A few steps away from home there is a big supermarket. To rest you won't have to go far. For your choice there are entertainments at the shopping mall Eden, such as a private fitness club, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants. For outdoor time enthusiasts, there is a Botič pond and a park zone Roztyly where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A great transport accessibility will make it easy for you to get anywhere in Prague. 1 minute walk from home there are stops of the Chodovská and Bohdalecká bus. Its route passes through the subway Stations of the red line C (Pankrác/Roztyly) and the green line A (Skálka).

To the centre of Prague, it is easy to reach form the home on a direct tram, and the road will take less than 15 minutes.

The house is due for completion at the end of 2017.

List of available apartments

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Code Type Square Floor Price Selling
value *
Selling at the time
of commissioning **
304 2+kk 48 m2 3/4 5.403.275 CZK 5.619.406 CZK 5.844.182 CZK   Make a reservation
201 2+kk 62 m2 2/4 5.504.590 CZK 5.900.000 CZK 6.050.000 CZK   Make a reservation
404 2+kk 48 m2 2/4 5.513.675 CZK 5.734.222 CZK 5.963.590 CZK   Make a reservation
204 2+kk 62 m2 2/8 5.610.450 CZK 6.590.000 CZK 6.790.000 CZK   Make a reservation
301 2+kk 62 m2 3/4 5.673.440 CZK 6.710.000 CZK 6.950.000 CZK   Make a reservation
101 2+kk 48 m2 1/4 5.744.250 CZK 5.944.250 CZK 6.182.020 CZK   Make a reservation
203 2+kk 60 m2 2/4 6.633.775 CZK 6.832.788 CZK 7.106.099 CZK   Make a reservation
103 3+kk 68 m2 1/4 7.929.250 CZK 8.129.250 CZK 8.454.420 CZK   Make a reservation
202 3+kk 79 m2 2/4 8.403.050 CZK 8.740.000 CZK 9.090.000 CZK   Make a reservation
102 3+kk 83 m2 1/4 9.090.750 CZK 9.290.750 CZK 9.662.380 CZK   Make a reservation

* The value is calculated based on the current prices of the developer for m2 for the apartments on sale

** Calculated on the basis of the statistical data of 2010 - 2023 on price increase of real estate in the Czech Republic

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