Rezidence Irina - Prague 8

Rezidence Irina - Prague 8
Number of available apartments: 12

Description of the project

Rezidence Irina is a modern house in the quiet part of Prague 8, near downtown.

The total number of apartments in the house is 17 and 3 studios with layouts from 1 + room to 4 + room. In addition to modern housing, the developer provides parking spaces in the basement garage.

The housing project certainly wins due to its position, as part of Prague 8-Libeň is one of the districts near to Prague downtown. Green planting around the complex will provide fresh air to the inhabitants, and the mountainous terrain guarantees a stunning view that opens to famous sightseeing attractions of Prague-Prague Castle and Žižkov Television Tower.

A good transport accessibility will ensure a comfortable movement for future occupants of the house, a metro station Ládví (Red line C), bus and tram stops are in the vicinity.

The house is due for completion in September 2017.

List of available apartments

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Code Type Square Floor Price Selling
value *
Selling at the time
of commissioning **
A.08.06 1+kk 33 m2 8/12 3.650.000 CZK 4.562.500 CZK 4.699.000 CZK   Make a reservation
A.03.06 1+kk 33 m2 3/12 4.389.000 CZK 4.620.000 CZK 4.804.800 CZK   Make a reservation
B.02.02 2+kk 60 m2 2/12 5.842.500 CZK 6.150.000 CZK 6.396.000 CZK   Make a reservation
B.03.02 2+kk 60 m2 3/12 5.873.968 CZK 6.183.125 CZK 6.430.450 CZK   Make a reservation
B.02.03 2+kk 60 m2 2/12 5.890.000 CZK 6.200.000 CZK 6.448.000 CZK   Make a reservation
B.08.01 2+kk 55 m2 8/12 6.015.281 CZK 6.331.875 CZK 6.585.150 CZK   Make a reservation
B.07.01 2+kk 55 m2 7/12 6.175.000 CZK 6.500.000 CZK 6.760.000 CZK   Make a reservation
A.05.05 2+kk 60 m2 5/12 6.289.000 CZK 6.620.000 CZK 6.884.800 CZK   Make a reservation
B.04.05 2+kk 59 m2 4/12 6.365.000 CZK 6.700.000 CZK 6.968.000 CZK   Make a reservation
A.02.02 2+kk 60 m2 2/12 6.460.000 CZK 6.800.000 CZK 7.072.000 CZK   Make a reservation
A.03.02 2+kk 60 m2 3/12 6.460.000 CZK 6.800.000 CZK 7.072.000 CZK   Make a reservation
B.02.01 3+kk 70 m2 2/12 7.583.375 CZK 7.982.500 CZK 8.301.800 CZK   Make a reservation

* The value is calculated based on the current prices of the developer for m2 for the apartments on sale

** Calculated on the basis of the statistical data of 2010 - 2024 on price increase of real estate in the Czech Republic

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