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BINIO Praha has been working on the real estate market in Prague for more than five years. We always find a personalized approach to each customer and guarantee transparency of transactions, reliability, and honesty. We speak Russian, Czech and English. You can find our office in the center of Prague.

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We run and control the whole process of buying an apartment. Our lawyers accompany the deal.


All documents: statements, permissions, and agreements you get from us in electronic and paper form.


You risk nothing. You pay the total cost of the apartment after all the documents have been executed in your name and registered in the cadastre of real estate.

Investment interest in the Czech Republic

The fact that investing in real estate is the most profitable method of investment is an open secret. And investing in the Czech real estate market is doubly profitable. Considering all the statistics, it is a fair assumption to say that demand and prices for Czech real estate are constantly increasing.

Based on the extensive experience and skills to combine the different investment lines for their customers, BINIO Praha asserts that you are able to obtain 10% of the annual income from your real estate in Prague.

First, on the issue of investment, it is important to note that the rate of increase in real estate prices in Prague in relation to 2010, based on the analysis, ranges from 29% to 100%, meaning average increase by 4.1 - 14% per annum.

The graph shows the price increase of Prague apartments according to the Czech official statistics from 2009 to 2017.

The cost of real estate in Prague for 1 m2

(average value throughout the year in CZK)

The conclusion is firm! Prices are constantly rising.

Based on the data shown in Figure 1.1, the forecast for the next five years also shows a further increase in real estate prices in Prague. The price growth projection (Figure 2) allows being doubly sure that the investment in the Czech real estate is safe.

However, despite all the positive developments, the lack of knowledge about the nuances and subtleties of the Czech real estate market may lead to difficulties in the correct choice of a profitable facility for investment. That is why you need a reliable and experienced partner on the Czech territory. A professional who will take upon himself your safety would ensure that the investment facility will be carefully gleaned and that the entire transaction will be masterly supported.

The next important factor in the security of investments in Czech real estate is the popularity of this country among tourists, foreign workers and students who come to Prague to live every year. For this very reason, the demand for real estate leasing in the Czech capital is active all year round.

Profit from renting an apartment in Prague for rent per 1 m2

(average value throughout the year in CZK)

Based on the peculiarities of the Czech real estate market, as well as on experience in this area, our company has developed a profitable investment programme to increase income for its customers. As a result of the project, the owners get the guaranteed annual profit of up to 5 per cent per annum of the value of the real estate, and interest is paid monthly. With a well-chosen apartment investment option, BINIO Praha, managing this facility, guarantees its lease without downtime, which in its turn ensures the reliability and profitability of the investment process for you.

Investing in Czech is easy and profitable!

Therefore, by buying a real estate in Prague, you earn a natural price increase (averaging between 4 and 14% per annum), and you get an additional income of 5% per annum from its rent. The yield of 10% per annum in the Czech Republic is real!

For clarity, let us consider the yield of the example:

  • You buy apartment for 100,000 euros. It brings 100,000 * 5% = 5,000 еuros per year. Or 5,000/12 months = 416 euros monthly.
  • In five years, the value of real estate increases by an average of 45%, which means that growth is 9% per annum. I.e. 100,000 * 9% = 9,000 euros annual increase in value.
  • As a result, in five years, if the apartment is sold, your total earnings will make: (100,000 * 5% + 100,000 * 9%) * 5 years = 70,000 euros, which is 70% of the funds invested.

Let us strike the balance -you make the decision to invest in Czech real estate, and our specialists advise and support you throughout the process. Making the first step is simple! Call us...

Apartments in Prague for sale

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Please find below the list of current projects.

Rezidence Irina - Prague 8

Number of available apartments: 12

Rezidence Veselská - Prague 9

Number of available apartments: 11

Rezidence Bohdalecké Výhledy - Prague 10

Number of available apartments: 10

Rezidence Hodkovičky Green - Prague 4

Number of available apartments: 4

Complex on the riverside Vltava DOCK - Prague 8

Number of available apartments: 2

Rezidence SUOMI Hloubětín - Prague 9

Number of available apartments: 1

Rezidence Hostivař - Prague 10

Number of available apartments: 0

Rezidence Nad Rokytkou - Prague 9

Number of available apartments: 0

Rezidence Křivoklátská - Prague 9

Number of available apartments: 0

Rezidence Rostislavova - Prague 4

Number of available apartments: 0



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